• Q What is Berocca®?

    Berocca® is a dissolvable flavoured vitamin mineral supplement in the form of an effervescent tablet. Berocca® is a unique blend of vitamins and minerals clinically proven to help improve your physical and mental abilities. A daily Berocca® is the healthy way enabling you to be one step ahead.

  • Q What are the benefits of taking Berocca®?

    Berocca® is a unique combination of vitamins and essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium and zinc, which work in synergy to improve your mental performance and physical energy throughout the day. It creates an invigorating and enjoyable experience simply by adding Berocca® to a fresh glass of water or bottle of water.

  • Q How is Berocca® different from energy drinks?

    While we cannot comment on energy drinks, we see Berocca® playing in a class of its own in the space between energy products and multivitamins.  Berocca® supports both your mental sharpness and physical energy with vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc.


  • Q What is the recommended serving size? How many tablets can I take?

    One Berocca® effervescent tablet dissolved in water can be taken daily and can be customizable to your taste; take 1 tablet per day dissolved in a glass or a 250ml bottle of water every day to make a refreshing and delicious flavored effervescent drink.

  • Q Can I take Berocca® every day?

    Berocca® can be taken every day throughout the year, but you should not use Berocca® to replace a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Q Can Berocca® be taken every day with a multivitamin?

    If you are taking any medications, multivitamins, minerals and/or other supplements consult a health professional before use.

  • Q Can I take more than one tablet a day?

    The recommended daily intake is one tablet per day. Exceeding this may be harmful.

  • Q What is the best time of day to take Berocca®?

    Berocca® can be enjoyed at any time; however, to help you be at your best, it's recommended to take it in the morning to help fund energy production for the day ahead.

  • Q Is Berocca® suitable for children?

    Berocca® over-the-counter that is available without prescription from your pharmacist is recommended for children aged 12 years and older.
    Berocca® food supplement that is widely available from retailers should be used by adults 18 years and over.


  • Q Should I be concerned that Berocca® contains levels of vitamins above the RDA?

    There is no need for concern, the vitamins in Berocca® are at levels above the RDA but they are all present at levels below the Upper Safe Levels. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of vitamins is the recommended amount allowance to maintain health. Some supplements contain levels of vitamins and minerals above the RDA. This is because, for some nutrients, intakes above the RDA are safe. For most vitamins and minerals Upper Safe Levels have also been established so that both manufacturers and consumers can be made aware of the levels of intake which allow people to supplement their diets safely. The B vitamins and vitamin C in Berocca® are water-soluble vitamins, which means you need them in your diet every day because many are not stored in the body for any length of time.

  • Q Is Berocca® suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes. The effervescent tablet is suitable for vegetarians, you can rest assured that Berocca® effervescent tablets do not contain animal derived ingredients.

  • Q Is Berocca® suitable for vegans?

    Berocca® effervescent tablets are free of any ingredients of animal origin.

  • Q Is Berocca® suitable for diabetics?

    Effervescent Berocca® tablets include sweeteners: acesulfame and aspartame and sugar, although the sugar present is a very small amount. We have no specific recommendations regarding the suitability of Berocca® for individuals with diabetes and we suggest you speak with your GP or another healthcare professional to get further advice.

  • Q Does Berocca® contain caffeine?

    No, Berocca® does not contain any caffeine or artificial stimulants

  • Q How many calories are there in a Berocca® tablet?

    A Berocca® effervescent tablet contains below 8 kcals.

  • Q What's the sodium content of Berocca®?

    An effervescent Berocca® tablet contains 274mg of sodium.

  • Q Does Berocca® contain any preservatives?

    We do not add any preservatives.

  • Q Is Berocca® gluten free?

    Berocca® is free from gluten containing ingredients.

  • Q Does Berocca® contain yeast?

    No. The effervescent Berocca® tablets do not contain any yeast.

  • Q Does Berocca® contain lactose?

    There is no lactose in an effervescent Berocca® tablet.

  • Q Does Berocca® contain sugar?

    The Orange flavoured effervescent contains a very small amount of sugar (<0.1 grams per tablet).

  • Q Does Berocca® contain peanuts derivatives?

    Berocca® is free from peanut containing ingredients.

  • Q Did Bayer conduct any studies to confirm the benefits of Berocca®?

    Yes. Bayer performed several studies confirming the benefits of Berocca®. The most recent overview can be found in “B-Vitamins and Cognitive Functions – What is the Evidence?” given by Silvia Maggini, Maria Gloria Pueyo Alaman and Eva Sabine Wintergerst. The authors found that a high-dose vitamin B supplement (Berocca®) is one of the rare vitamin and mineral supplements being supported by multiple double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trials. This neurotropic unique vitamin combination containing water-soluble vitamins of the B complex, vitamin C and the minerals calcium, magnesium and zinc is backed up by extensive scientific evidence showing positive effects of supplementation in terms of brain function and mental performance and improvement of some aspects of physical fitness or performance.

  • Q Is it normal that Berocca® has changed the colour of my urine?

    Berocca® contains the vitamin B2 (riboflavin) which can make your urine more intense in colour. B vitamins are water soluble and anything that your body does not need is passed out in the urine.