Berocca® helps healthy people improve their mental and physical performance so that they can perform at their best.

Berocca® has been marketed since 1969 and is now available in approximately 70 countries.
Berocca® is a tailored formula of essential vitamins and minerals selected on the basis of their known physiological effects in maintaining mental and physical health.1,2

Berocca® Performance

Clinically proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised trials, after one month of daily supplementation to significantly:

  • Improve mental performance, stamina and concentration3–5
  • Improve vigour and after-work ratings of physical stamina4,5
  • Reduce anxiety and perceived stress plus improve psychological health.3–5

Berocca® Boost (with guarana)

Clinically proven in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised trial to significantly:

  • Reduce mental fatigue and improve mental performance, with increased speed and accuracy, within 30 minutes of single-dose administration.6

An innovative study using functional magnetic resonance imaging showed the neurocognitive benefits of Berocca® in healthy young adults.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, balanced cross-over study, the effects of Berocca® on mood, cognitive performance and brain activation was assessed in healthy young adults.7

Key questions addressed:

  • Does multivitamin and mineral supplementation (with or without guarana) affect neural activity and cognition in healthy young adults?
  • Which regions of the brain are associated with increased activation?

Mood and cognitive performance were assessed in 20 healthy young adults at baseline and 30 minutes after a single dose of Berocca® Performance, Berocca® Boost or placebo:

  • Participants completed mood, fatigue and stress questionnaires immediately before and after completion of a single 10-minute cycle of the Cognitive Demand Battery (CDB).7


Cognitive Demand Battery8 was used to assess:

  1. Working memory or attention (Serial Threes and Serial Sevens), followed by
  2. A Rapid Visual Information Processing (RVIP) Task which assessed information processing and attention.7


Brain activity was assessed in 5 healthy young adults at baseline and 30 minutes after a single dose of Berocca® Performance, Berocca® Boost or placebo using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to detect changes in blood flow associated with increased neuronal activation during Inspection Time (IT) and RVIP tasks:

  • Participants completed the STAI-S mood questionnaire before entering the scanner to perform the IT and RVIP tasks and also after scanning.7
  • A decrease in self-rated contentment, normally associated with cognitive performance assessment was not observed following Berocca® Boost administration.7
  • Berocca® Boost significantly improved reaction time (‘time to make a decision’ was significantly reduced).7
  • Berocca® Boost significantly increased concentration (significantly fewer mistakes were made).7

Berocca® Performance, and to a greater extent Berocca® Boost, rapidly increased brain activation in regions involved with attention and working memory7

  • Berocca® single-dose administration resulted in differential and rapid activation of brain regions associated with attention, executive control and working memory.7
  • fMRI analyses during the RVIP task showed significantly greater brain activation with Berocca® Boost over placebo, Berocca® Performance over placebo and Berocca® Boost over Berocca® Performance.7

Berocca® supplementation in healthy individuals has been clinically proven to rapidly improve:

  • mental performance, stamina and concentration.
  • physical stamina and vigour
  • mood and psychological health, by reducing anxiety and subjetive stress and mental fatigue

Within 30 minutes of a single dose of Berocca®:

  • Both Berocca® Performance and Boost rapidly improved cognitive performance by increasing neutral activity in the brain

Berocca® rapidly increased neural activity and improved cognitive performance following single-dose administration

This study confirms that Berocca® improves mental performance in healthy young adults and can protect against negative effects on mood caused by demanding mental activity.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first fMRI experiment that demonstrates that a multivitamin supplementation with and without guarana impacts both neural activity and cognition.” 7

These encouraging effects on neural and vascular response during cognitive tasks, warrants further investigation of Berocca® in modifying the functional activation of a key brain region underlying high-order cognitive functions.


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