To be at the top of your game right from the start, nutritional supplements can help gain that extra little edge.

Berocca® is specially tailored to support physical stamina and improve cognitive function.
Physical stamina and mental sharpness are both important for achievement-driven individuals. By leading a healthy lifestyle with sports and balanced nutrition, you can always remain a step ahead, even when you have many professional and personal responsibilities to tackle. In times of high pressure, however, consuming adequate amounts of the fruits and vegetables that deliver all the vitamins and minerals the body needs can become challenging. This is why many consumers then turn to micronutrient supplements like Berocca®. Its unique formula contains the water-soluble B-Vitamin complex and Vitamin C, as well as the minerals calcium magnesium and zinc. All these micronutrients are known to play an important role in energy metabolism and cognitive function. They act synergistically to provide the necessary edge you need to be at the top of your game.

To date, only a few studies have assessed the relationship between supplementation with nutritional products and brain function. Berocca® is among the few supplements with extensive scientific evidence.1-5,8 All its micronutrients are known to be involved in cognitive function and energy metabolism, thus being effective against physical and mental strain. In these situations, the body storage for vitamins and minerals deplete more quickly. A subclinical deficiency may arise, causing symptoms such as fatigue or diminished concentration. Ideally, individuals can counteract these symptoms by consuming more fruits and vegetables. In a fast-paced world, however, micronutrient supplements like Berocca® Performance are a convenient alternative way to achieve health and mental benefits.

Often many multivitamin supplements only target cognitive performance alone. As physical stamina and mental sharpness are highly inter-related, Berocca® Performance has been developed to fill the dietary gap by using a formula that is specifically tailored to support both neuronal and neuromuscular function. The unique combination provides superior efficacy over food that has been fortified with single vitamins or minerals. Berocca® Performance comes either in great-tasting effervescent or in convenient film-coated tablets. It contains no artificial stimulants, preservatives and is sugar-free.

For sustained results, Berocca® Performance is recommended for regular use. Because of its high safety profile, Berocca® can be consumed over a longer period of time.

In addition to the micronutrients included in Berocca® Performance Berocca® Boost contains Guarana. Supplementation with Berocca® Boost was shown to lead to immediate improvements in cognitive performance and to reduced mental fatigue 6,7. Individuals taking Berocca® Boost thus feel ready to take on anything at a moment’s notice. It is a healthy and natural alternative to products aimed at giving an energy boost.

A recent cutting-edge clinical study7 assessed the different effects of Berocca® Performance and Berocca® Boost on neurocognitive performance.


The results of various studies demonstrated that Berocca® Performance improves:8

  • mental performance, stamina and concentration 3, 4, 5
  • physical stamina and vigour 4, 5
  • mood and psychological health, by reducing anxiety and subjective stress and mental fatigue 3, 4, 5

Experts commented that the study results confirm

“Berocca® Boost improves working memory/executive function in healthy young adults, they also show that Berocca® Boost can protect against the negative mood effects of demanding mental activity.7"


"The study7 also demonstrates for the first time that these multivitamin/mineral preparations can directly influence brain activity even within an hour of a single administration. This was shown for both Berocca® Boost and, to a lesser extent Berocca® Performance."


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